Wild Strawberries


Searching for My Inner Artist


“Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child.”
Tim Burton


For several years I have worked hard on becoming an adult and my photography changed. I ran my blog One Day in Sofia for more than three years and I truly enjoyed it. It is easy to create blog style photography. Everybody loves eye-candy and looking at pretty things. Travel photos, flowers, food… We all love looking at such pictures, because they are uplifting and they offer escapism into a more pleasant reality. And so I created my blog and I filled it with beautiful photos of my travels and I relived the excitement of these trips through them again and again. It was a great outlet for my need to continue being a photographer. But the day came, when I started realising that I am a bit tired of manufacturing pretty pictures and adding to the thousands of such pictures on the internet. I started to feel the need to reconnect to a different me, the me when I first started taking pictures and looked deeply into things, seeing a deeper expression than just the pretty picture. This new blog is an attempt to find my inner artist again.